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Mandala Mood & Habit Tracker

from Habits to Happiness 

Yes, I want this!

Do you have a habit or 2 that you would like to stop?

Or start?

Then you need a system.  A way to remind yourself.  A way to track your progress.
And you need some reinforcement - a little fun and celebration for your win! 
This Mandala Mood & Habit Tracker supplies you with all of those things, in one handy little packet ~ 

the Mandala Mood & Habit Tracker

from Habits to Happiness


What you will find inside...

With this Mandala Mood & Habit Tracker pack, you will have an enjoyable and effective way
to track your progress. 
I mean, sure - you could make X marks on a scrap piece of paper, but why would you want to do that when you can make a beautiful piece of art at the same time?   Plus, this gives you an excuse to buy some new colored pencils or gel pens...😃 


Not only will you be able to have a beautiful visual of your progress,
you will also be able to track the patterns of your behaviors and moods. 
Small, consistent wins get the momentum going ... before you know it,
tracking your habits can lead to big changes in your wellbeing and your self-esteem. 
Bonus:  coloring is a fun way to tap into your creative energy and an avenue to practice mindfulness.  Enjoy!
I'm ready for a little change in my life!

1.  Pick 1 micro-habit to focus on

2. Track it daily

3. Celebrate your success!   

4. See how small wins can uplift your mood and positively impact your life

Soooo... is it going to one day


Day One?!?!?


Don't wait ~  get started now!

Download your Mandala Mood & Habit Tracker and

make change happen.



Mandala Mood & Habit Tracker


Big change can happen with small, simple steps


  • Easily customize to make sense for you
  • Identify what mood or other descriptor (level of energy, level of discomfort, etc.) that you would like to track 
  • Engaging design that helps keep you motivated
  • Examples provided
  • Simple instructions included
  • 3 different black and white mandala designs
  • 1 colored mandala tracker if you want to start with some pizzaz!
  • Bonus: coloring activity with the outer design to make this fun and encourage mindfulness