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From Revelation to Manifestation: the 5 Point Formula to turn your Dream into your Reality

Have you ever experienced a revelation of epic proportion?

Well, I have to say this summer has been "one for the books" as they say....!

It's been quite eventful here with my husband deciding to do an about-face with his career path. A 20 year veteran with the Air Force who transitioned into the civilian world 5 years ago working for a prominent health care system, he had a mindset that this is where he will be until his next retirement (or death...since I'm not sure he could ever imagine NOT working...)

He is hard-working, committed, and has never called in sick or taken an unplanned day off. EVER.

You could say he’s a bit rigid.

He never has given much thought to envisioning a life that was much different than he lived. It was all pretty good to him, "can't really complain," he would say.

"Yeah, but don't you ever wish/think about/imagine ..." I would ask. And when the answer was “no,” I would, of course, follow with a quizzical look as the air leaked out of my balloon, and perhaps followed with a “Really? Why not?”

“Not everything has to have a reason” he would answer.

Umm, excuse me, but do you realize you married a therapist??? Yes Love, there IS a reason. You just don’t see it.

Revelations often materialize when you least expect it. The same is true for those experiencing personal crisis. It might come after a long struggle or seemingly out-of-the-blue. There might be no warning. All of a sudden, there you are, in the middle of it. Our view of our world becomes at first out of focus, confusing us as we don't understand what we are seeing and then "CLICK". There it is, as clear as day.

I just recently went to the optometrist to check my vision. I'm looking through his contraption, calling out letters and telling him what's better, choice 1 or 2, 3 or 4, 5 or 6 … Then all of a sudden he snaps down the final screen and BAM I can see everything crystal clear! It seems almost miraculous.

For my husband, a number of incidents and experiences came together to create that ah-hah moment of clarity. And all of a sudden - literally - he shifted his perspective and looked through a different lens. And like a stream of falling dominos, everything shifted.

He describes his experience as him sitting in the same chair staring straight ahead at the same wall for years. When he finally decided to change chairs, he saw 3 walls he had never even seen before. And a door. And windows. SNAP! All of a sudden his vision became clear. Possibilities that were always there now came into focus. He began dreaming, imagining, wondering, and wishing. Like in a sci-fi movie, a different lifestyle universe began to jell.

The dominos were set in motion. And everything shifted.

He wanted something that was new, interesting and challenging. He wanted to work remotely. He wanted more family time and more opportunities to connect and experience life from this new vantage point.

And so came the grind of the resume and online searches. He wrote; I edited and supported. Every night we sat together and worked on it and talked about what it was leading to. When his overly critical eye began to stop his progress I told him to just send it out. It was time to give the dream wings.

We started a morning ritual of getting up earlier and having coffee on the porch together (with 2 dogs, 2 cats, and often our foster squirrel in the midst.) We talked about what it's going to be like, having him home “when” he gets “the” job. We envisioned working together in our respective offices and how to spruce his up with some new decor to make it just right.

We laughed when I reviewed the boundaries of what he was allowed to do and not do, because he was entering MY universe where I am in charge. We talked about how much money and time would be saved without commuting that we could funnel back into the household.

We got very clear what it would look and feel like. And we held that vision. Rinse and repeat.

And he landed his dream job 4 weeks later.

I can’t quite believe it all happened so fast. But I have to say it reinforced my belief in our ability to manifest and make our dreams our reality. And it can happen for you as well.

How do I know? There is nothing special about my husband (sorry Love) or me or our lives.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but we put into practice all 5 key components to successfully achieve and sustain personal growth and life transformation.

The 5 Point Formula:
A success path in turning your Desire into your Reality

1. Insight. His mindset shifted completely. He did some inner exploring and began to understand parts of himself and his life that he wasn't willing to see before. When he changed seats the windows and door began to open and new possibilities suddenly seemed within reach.

2. Cultivate. We got really clear on what this life will look and feel like. We used vision setting and mindfulness. We talked about the power of mindset and its impact on his well being and our relationship. This is where knowledge and skills are strengthened and confidence grows.

3. Step by Step Path. We continued to envision this life and bring this vision into our daily practice through mindfulness and shared rituals, solidifying our desire and determination through consistent practice. This is where brain-based habit formation comes into play! And not to be minimized … he did all the job search steps needed, every single day. Dreamers also need to be Doers :-)

4. Momentum. This is where support and accountability reign supreme. When we go it alone, the waters can feel deep and murky. Having support from like-minded people who are on a similar journey can both boost you up when you need a cheerleader and give you a good nudge when you need some accountability.

5. Sustain. Life transformation isn’t a sprint to attain a quick win. It’s the marathon. Actually it's more like a Forest Gump-level experience that lasts years.

True transformation happens with consistency across time. How do we keep it going and create habits of thought and behavior that stick like gorilla glue? You follow a system that keeps all of the prior 4 components flowing consistently.

***The FLOURISH Inner Circle is Coming soon!  A comprehensive membership program that incorporates all 5 components including the Seeds of Change journaling system -  designed to be the glue tying it all together for you. It will be available as a download within the FLOURISH Inner Circle as well as available separately. Join the newsletter to be the first to know when it becomes available in print and to be notified when the doors to the FLOURISH Inner Circle open! ***

The journey continues ...
Soon we will both be working from home and will continue to work through and support this career transition and the deeper, personal and relational growth that has developed since his moment of revelation. I am sure it will not be without some complications. However, continuing to consciously be aware of and to strengthen these 5 components will be an intentional process that we are both committed to honoring.

Transformation is within everyone’s reach. Even my once rigid and practical husband is using the word “manifest.”

May wonders never cease!

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