Seasonal Emotional Triggers

Seasonal Emotional Triggers: Turning Trepidation into Anticipation

Teaser alert .... I'm sharing exciting news about the FLOURISH Inner Circle ... But first I wanted to share a bit about me, my unconscious and my anxiety ...


The air here in NC has a decidedly Fall feel to it ... temperatures are cooler at night and the leaves are starting to get some yellow and orange hues.


Changing seasons sometimes trigger memories and emotions.


For me, this time of year equates with memories of comfy socks, lived-in jeans and soft sweaters.  Going apple picking.  Raking TONS of leaves.  And the aroma of earth and the woods brought to my nose on gentle and sometimes blustery winds.


It also triggers some anxiety. 


Growing up in New England, as soon as nightly temps begin to change toward the end of August, windows were opened to cool off the house from the day (we didn't have AC ... just an attic fan that brought in outside air.) And the sound of katydids would fill the night.


This is where my mixed emotions of Fall are triggered.  


If you asked, I would say my favorite season is the Fall.  But the flip side is the cool air and the sounds of katydids marked the return to school. 


Even though I was a good student and had good friends, that return to school brought on a feeling of trepidation.


Every.  Dang.  Year.


Leaving the safety and comfort of my home and going off into the unknown with new teachers, new classrooms, new peer mix, new challenges, new expectations .... UGH!   


I didn't want the new, I wanted the comfort of the known.


And even though I'm no longer a child and my life doesn't drastically change anymore every Fall, I still experience the feeling of that familiar uneasiness. It was felt so many times and with such emotion that  it is a memory deeply ingrained within my brain and my body.  And I feel it on every level of my being. 


Though largely unconscious, these memories and feelings continue to impact my life, even though the circumstances that created them are no longer relevant.


If you are like me, then this revelation may both fascinate and annoy you, all at the same time.


But now, after putting into practice all that I preach about mindset and mindfulness and cognitive reframing,  I have attached a new meaning to this uneasiness.  Instead of experiencing it as trepidation which is based in fear, I have reframed it as anticipation


Fall is a time of transition.  A time to regroup.  To either settle into familiar routines OR a perfect time to establish new ones. 



As I look forward to this Fall, I have been anticipating the launch of my brand new membership program - The FLOURISH Inner Circle.  


And guess what??? The doors are now open until Friday September 24th!


And how perfect is it that September is Self-Care Month!!!


Now is the time for you to dive deeper into discovering those unconscious drives that might be fueling beliefs and emotions that no longer serve you. 


Now is the time to learn some quick and simple tools that will work with your unconscious to shift your outlook, improve your mood, and up-level your life. 


Now is the time to learn how to transform your life WITHOUT creating goals and setting yourself up for failure.


Now is the time to join other women who are also on the path to creating a Flourishing life - who want to support and uplift each other along the journey.


This year, I am excited to work with a small group of women who together, have a shared desire to finally release the inner blocks that have held them back from growing into their full potential.  And here’s the exciting bit … this membership follows a 5 stage success path designed to keep the momentum flowing without the overwhelm!!!  


Don’t get me wrong.  Along with excitement and anticipation, there is still some anxiety lurking around inside me.  


Launching the FLOURISH Inner Circle membership is something new and unknown, and that often sparks some anxiety.  I see it and feel it and am continuing to explore it.  But it is not going to hold me back from stepping out into the unknown.  


Alongside my therapy practice, I have been developing these concepts and tools and strategies for almost 2 years now.  They have morphed and grown, turned this way and that, and often have taken on a life of their own.  


There are still holes and options and possibilities and answers that can’t be discovered until FLOURISH is released into the wild.  What’s missing is you


I will be sharing more about the FLOURISH Inner Circle all week in the Habits to Happiness Hub

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Do seasons trigger memories within you?  I would love to hear about it - send me a direct message here.


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