Creatures of Habit, Part 2: Micro-habits


Create massive change, one micro-habit at a time.


In this Facebook Live video, I talk about how to take steps to solve a problem and improve wellbeing by creating  a micro-habit. 


What is a micro-habit?  It’s a small action that takes minimal effort or time, that when repeated consistently, results in training the brain to continue that action on autopilot.  By breaking down our desires and our problems into tiny solution-focused steps, and then creating a system to ingrain them into a habit and build upon them, we can make massive life changes with minimal effort.  Pretty brilliant, right?  


And because these are tiny steps that you can do in just a couple minutes, the likelihood of success is far higher than for typical goal setting… which is at a mere 8% success rate. Creating a simple and quick system using concepts of Context (who, what, where, why and when), Pairing (or bundling) and using Resistance are all elements of micro-habit success. 


I will walk you through how I set up my own micro-habit routine to get me to drink more water. It came down to one simple, tiny change!  Listen in to find out how I broke down my problem/desire and set myself up for success with *minimal effort*.  


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