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30 Simple, Yet Powerful, Strategies to Overcome Anxiety During Times of High Stress

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  • 30 Strategies to reduce your anxiety and manage overwhelm
  • Choose from 8 different pathways, or areas of your life, that impact your mental wealth
  • Discover how making small shifts can enhance your mood, energy and outlook

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About Lisa Keutman, MSW

From her 20+ years as a psychotherapist, Lisa funnels her expertise into creating breakthrough online programs and a supportive community focused on helping women achieve Mental Wealth.

Lisa draws from the fields of Neuroscience and Psychology (Positive Psychology, Mindfulness and CBT). Her guided self-help programs teach research-based strategies to retrain the brain to overcome anxiety, self-doubt, depression and stress overwhelm. 

She provides step by step instruction, support, and inspiration ~ guiding the way for every woman to strengthen her inner light and live a life full of possibility and joy.